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Healthy and Tasty

Raw Plant-based Desserts for the Soul!

We believe in taking care of the whole body and soul and to bridge the gap between Healthy and Tasty!  Vegone is on a mission to change the way people react to Plant-based ingredients and to embrace Veganism as a way of life!  We have committed to satisfying that sweet tooth with our creative raw plant-based desserts and healthy balls and leave you wanting more… 


“The pie was so delicious and hefty. Everybite was full of rich flavors and it was all good for my diet!”

- Jamil, Pompano Beach


"I've never had a vegan dessert that made me happy, But that pie OHHH MYYYY"

- Dane, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida |  Tel: 954.678.8715

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